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If you want to see me in one of my crazy moments :
*** ***
I am in my Electro music phase for now lol (but i cheer up a lot of styles, like Indy music, romantic songs, hip hop, rap, blues, jazz)
I really need to go back to fitness... have 3 kilos to loose A.S.A.P lol
I am single for 1 year now. Love is love... you never know when it will come... but also heart has to heal after it gets hurt.
Looking for some new friends from everywhere but mainly from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Let's talk and see if we have things in common ;) But it doesn't mean i want/can be friend with EVERYBODY here na.
If you just want online contact >> IT'S OK :) But keep in mind that I'm the kind of person who likes to build REAL CONTACTS so IF we become good friends, i will probably ask to meet just like in the NORMAL LIFE where friends have diner, hang out, watch a movie, etc. ^_^
I live in Bangkok. I'm cool, open-mind, funny, simple, curious about life and people. I can eat almost ANY KIND of thai food, except som tam pa la...hahaha.. menn mak mak :P I like spicy food too, even if it makes me sweat same like a shower :D I also enjoy japanese, korean, chinese, vietnamese food. I like to eat fruits everyday. If i don't eat fruits for 2 days, i NEED to find some whatever happens !!! lol Of course sometimes i don't mind to eat some western food, but mostly that would be italian or french or spanish, because that's my origins.
I am a multi sides person. Sometimes i like to hang out a lot, meet friends, drink and dance (yes i like to dance :D ). Sometimes i stay "quiet" and spend 6 months without hanging out, just staying @home watching movies, reading books or having outdoor activities but i mean not night life. I enjoy the city life, especially in Bangkok (i wouldn't accept to live in another big city like Paris, New York, Hong Kong, etc.) I enjoy the country side life too. To find myself in a village, to walk in the nature, it's really when i feel in peace, in harmony and relaxing. I like to travel whatever by car, bus, train, plane, boat (mmm boat so so lol). I'm happy to climb a mountain, or to enjoy the sea side and do a volley-ball game or walk along the beach. I like to chill out with friends in nice beer garden with thai live band, nice food, good service... talking and joking... and i'm happy about life.
I like to stay in good shape and do exercise at fitness club or swim at my room. I'm a tv-series addict. But the good ones ;) If you want to know some, you can ask me. Actually i especially recommend the tv-serie named GLEE... awesome for who like musical and cover songs ^^
Ok enough for now, right ? hahaha If you want to communicate by BB, we can :) PS : I am not an angel, i can be a bit ting tong or bad boy sometimes. But sure i'm someone honest, sincere, frank. I'm not interested to talk with girls who are fishing for a sponsor or who are building their life with lies all around them
Thanks for reading this long and boring profile :D
Oh yes and sorry for not replying to everybody that writes to me :s
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Looking for: Woman
Looking for age: All ages to 30
Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Last active: 4 day ago
Height: 175cm
Weight: 74kg
Education: Masters degree
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Interests: Wow... i like a lot of things in life !
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Saturday 05th of November 2011 06:08:03 PM  (3 month ago)  

orawan1428 says: Do you want dance with me? Yes! You can .

Saturday 10th of September 2011 12:55:57 PM  (5 month ago)  

numtip33 says:
Wednesday 07th of September 2011 12:29:12 AM  (5 month ago)  

Muangthai says: Good profile ^_^ nice to know you style ^_^

Monday 29th of August 2011 08:05:56 PM  (5 month ago)  

jinnyfar says: hello .

Sunday 24th of July 2011 10:53:43 PM  (6 month ago)  

makelifebetter says: you is very interesting can be friend with you
Thursday 26th of May 2011 12:19:45 AM  (8 month ago)  

fell says: you are the boss of you life sir can you do all if that all you like to do too,life is too short we should to do what about we want and now we can like you much more you can do and need to do ^_^'
Monday 23rd of May 2011 10:07:56 PM  (8 month ago)  

25242513 says: Hi ting tong haha
Sunday 15th of May 2011 06:16:01 PM  (9 month ago)  

sirirat888 says: hi man how r u
Friday 13th of May 2011 10:21:37 PM  (9 month ago)  

onegirl says: hi...
have a nice weekend :D

Monday 09th of May 2011 03:06:20 PM  (9 month ago)  

NooDle says:

Thursday 05th of May 2011 10:42:53 PM  (9 month ago)  

dorothy says: ofcourse no one can b an angel all the times. i prefer 50% angel and the rest 50%
friendship is never end and last longer. no need to pretend to b smone else to please other people and lost yrself.
it easy to say but how many people can do that? ^_^
have a good day na kha.
Friday 06th of May 2011 12:26:04 PM  (9 month ago)  

ooy123 says: @dorothy
Tuesday 03rd of May 2011 06:00:57 PM  (9 month ago)  

phochai says: to tieed to read your profile :-) hope you have a good day ^_^
Tuesday 26th of April 2011 10:55:06 PM  (9 month ago)  

jajae says: hi

Sunday 24th of April 2011 11:54:37 PM  (9 month ago)  

wongnicha says: have to read you are very happy life...that so nice :)))))) and pa la is speical for someone naja ahahahah
Thursday 21st of April 2011 12:12:49 PM  (9 month ago)  

Freedomgirl says: Hello, you look good, I want to get to know you.
Wednesday 20th of April 2011 07:29:50 PM  (10 month ago)  

Auy01 says: hi , i like your eye

Thursday 31st of March 2011 09:59:31 PM  (10 month ago)  

junejune28 says: hi
Tuesday 29th of March 2011 04:41:58 AM  (10 month ago)  

pandungjag says: Hi
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