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Is free?
This is a completely free website that will help you find love in Thailand. You can send and receive messages for free and there are no levels of membership - everyone can contact everyone!
What can I do on this website?
We have a database of members of both foreign guys living and working in Thailand and Thai girls that are looking for foreign guys :) You can contact other members, chat with them on this site, video chat with them, upload your pictures and videos, and make comments :D Have fun using this site!
Is it safe to meet people from this site?
We encourage members to use their own discretion before giving out any contact details such as MSN, phone numbers or agreeing to meet anywhere. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens between members as it is outside of our control. This site is for adults 18+ and please be careful if you decide to meet anyone from here! We recommend meeting in a public place, and letting your friends know that you are meeting someone and what time - even take them with you! Many people have already met up and got married and lived very happily from online dating sites and so can you - but just like in real life not everyone is perfect :)
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